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Carbide Spot Weld Drill

222 050, 3-edged 8,0x50mm


Made especially for removing spot welds on ­extremely hard steel ­materials, such as BTR, BOR. Use with cordless or air drill. No turning ­inside drill chuck, based on the 3 flat gripping areas.


Müller-Werkzeug GmbH & Co. KG
Flurstraße 13, D-96215 Lichtenfels, Germany

Müller-Werkzeug GmbH & Co KG
Flurstraße 13
D-96215 Lichtenfels

Müller-Werkzeug Benelux
Toepadweg 4
NL-5301 KA Zaltbommel

Mueller-Kueps LP
2220 Northmont Parkway #250
Duluth, GA 30096, USA

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